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STEN Recoil Buffers

STEN Buffer kit with instructions

PRICE: $9.95 PostPaid with Lifetime Guarantee! (Only a few left)
This is an absolute MUST for those of you with working STENs whether you have a rock-n-roll full auto STEN or whether you've got one of the semi-auto versions. This is a durable urethane disk that just pops into the spring housing and keeps the bolt from steel on steel contact when the bolts recoils and comes crashing into the spring housing!
This puts alot of stress on the spring retainer cap when the spring housing gets smacked real hard by the bolt and it can start to deform your "J" slots in the back of your receiver! Why didn't the Brits think of this?
If you've got a valuable registered full auto STEN as I do, you sure don't want to do any damage to your receiver since, once destroyed it cannot, by law, be replaced.
You will also notice that the buffer significantly reduces felt recoil and makes it more pleasant to shoot. Additionally, it decreases muzzle climb and cuts down on the action noise from the bolt smashing into the spring housing with each cycle.
These babies are really built to last for thousands of rounds! But, like all good things, nothing lasts forever. If you put enough ammo through your gun, it'll get smashed and chewed up eventually. I've already put 1200 rounds of Wolf 115 gr. ammo through my STEN Mark II recently and all it did was to get the buffer dirty. It still functions as new and retains its original shape!
If your buffer EVER fails, simply send your old buffer back to me along with a stamped, self addressed envelope, and I'll send ya a NEW one!! That's a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that's good 'till  either me or you croak if we live that long!
And this is a POSTPAID item so there's no "shipping and handling" and no PAYPAL fees. Protect your investment and get one today!
PRICE: $9.95 PostPaid

This urethane biscuit can help save your gun!

Installed Recoil Buffer
So easy even my grandmother could do it!

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